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  • ESL Galaxy offers one of the best teaching resources for teachers and students. Free lesson plan materials, board games, crosswords, wordsearches, PowerPoint videos and more.
  • English Media Lab. Free ESL Online study. ESL interactive Quizzes, ESL PowerPoint Videos and more.
  • ESL Kids Lab : ESL resources for kids , printable worksheets, video lessons, Powerpoint downloads, quizzes and more for young learners
  • Teachers Top Sites
  •  Learn English Vocabulary Visually Visualesl.com contains vocabulary drag and drop tests for ESL learners. Each word in a test is represented by an animation or a drawing and that's why learning with not only easy and effective but also enjoyable.
  • Click Here to Visit TEFL Top Sites
  • Learning English Online : English Grammar, Vocabulary, Exercises, Exams - information for learners of English as a foreign language
  • James Abela ELT : A useful ELT resource site with useful materials for business English, intermediate, advanced & beginner English learners & teachers.
  • Learn English Tenses with Cartoons http://www.englishtenseswithcartoons.com A web site explaining the basic principles of using the English tenses and testing your understanding.
  • ESLDirectory.com: The premier search site for ESL and English as a Second Language Programs around the world.
  • TotalESL-ESL/EFL teaching jobs, resumes, schools, resources and lessons-Asia and the Middle East
  • First Stop for Your Second Language Needs TotalESL-free online resource helping the ESL/EFL community communicate in Asia and the Middle East for jobs, resumes, schools, online resources, yellow pages, classifieds, information and lessons.
  • Online English Language Studies: Learn English online from the comfort of your own home using
  • Discovery Educational Software FREE printable worksheets. Puzzle maker to download. Software for schools.
  • Speak Read Write Free materials for Teachers or Students - Guide to hundreds of English idioms, plus short stories, worksheets, articles, puzzles, pronunciation exercises, and more. It's all online, downloadable, printable, and FREE. .
  • sitesforparents.com
  • sitesforteachers.com



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