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在我们网站的这一页,我们为所有的级别 学生精心挑选了一定数量的语法和词汇练习,而且我们已经细致地把这些练习按照不同的词类分好了,现在就利用这些练习来帮助掌握和巩固英语语法吧

Adjectives & Adverbs


冠词"A" "An" 和 "the"

Comparatives & Superlatives


Condtionals Exercises


Confusing words 容易混淆的单词

Conjunctions exercises 连词练习

Future Tense 将来时

Gerunds and infinitives 动名词与不定动词

Gap filling exercises 填空练习

Idioms Exercises 习惯用语

Past Simple tense 一般过去时

Perfect tenses Exercises 完成时

Phrasal Verbs Exercises 短语动词

Prepositions Exercises 介词练习

Present simple & present continuous 一般现在时和现在进行时

Pronouns Exercises 发音练习

Proverbs 谚语

Pronunciation Exercises 发音练习

Quantifiers 数量词

Questions Exercises 疑问词

Singular vs. Plural 单数vs. 复数

Tag Questions Exercises 反义疑问句


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